Liz Murray Interior Design and Planning Portland Oregon


Kitchen & Bath Design: Kitchen and bath design are Liz’s specialties. With 28 years of experience, Liz has a broad knowledge of product, fixtures and finishes. Her formal education in interior design, coupled with her study of the fine arts, gives her a deep foundation in scale and function. No two designs are alike and every design expresses her attention to detail and her client’s needs. The result is a unique space that not only functions well but looks beautiful. Liz Murray offers full service design. From consultations to small or large scale projects, Liz will help you achieve your goals.

Creative Tile Design and Layout: With an infinite array of tiles and combinations, tile design can be a challenge. Liz’s extensive experience transforms even the most complex puzzle into a personalized look, with stunning design elements in every one of her tile layouts.

Furniture Selection and Layout: Placing the right furniture pieces in your environment will compliment any home or office. Liz has the experience and resources to design, purchase and guide you through this exciting process.

Fine Fabric & Specialty Wall Finishes: Integrating color and texture subtly adds to the feel of any room. From lively fabrics to sophisticated trims, this is functional art!

Color & Paint Selections: Choosing the right paint color can be a challenge for many people. Let Liz’s professional expertise help you achieve a color palette that matches your taste and style.

Custom Furniture Design: Liz has a trained eye for shape, scale and function that makes this one of her most requested skills. Liz will design a piece to fit your specific needs and style.

Commercial Space Planning & Design: Enlist Liz to optimize your work space and transform cluttered and inefficient spaces into rooms designed with your professional needs in mind. Using CAD plans, Liz considers office layout, fixture selection and other necessary factors to make an office run smoothly and sparkle with professional style.

Exterior Alterations: Liz works closely with architects, landscape designers and contractors to assure that the interior and exterior have a cohesive flow. Liz enjoys designing outdoor hardscapes, including railings and arbors, and specifying finishes and furnishings.

Long Term Design Goals: Liz considers today’s needs with tomorrow’s dreams to create designs that easily adapt to fit you as your needs grow and change.

Fully Detailed CAD Drawings: Detailed CAD Drawings are an asset and standard that Liz brings to the design process. Accuracy and precision will be used in your unique set of plans, showing elevations and plan views of your new space. Clients tell us the drawings make it easier to understand new ideas, easing the transition from old to new.

Custom Designs: Liz’s design experience and skill includes millwork, furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, fabrics and more. If the perfect piece or element for your space doesn’t yet exist, Liz will design it for you.

Liz Murray Interior Space Planning & Design Portland Oregon
Liz Murray Interior Design and Planning Portland Oregon
Liz Murray Interior Space Planning & Design Portland Oregon